Thursday, May 24, 2007


fan art for Jon Zamar's "Minsan Sa Panaginip"

all the the filipino flag based heroes i found/saw:


Sagisag (Sanduguan)
Captain Adobo by Jordan FM,
Watawat by Dennis Redondo
Bandiwa (Sanduguan)
Kapitan by by John Edward Suguitan, reference
Kalayaan by Gio Paredes,
Alagad (Sanduguan)
Sagisag by Nico Zapanata,

-- A top secret military program created by United Nations during World War 2 intended to band a group of Extra Humans(super powered beings-like)
to assists the Allied Nations campaigns or operations.

Allied Force first appearance was in "Extraverse: Genesis
This is the comic done by my good friend John Becaro,

Allied Force is a trademark character of Modern Myth Press. please refrain from using it for any public or media purposes.. Thanks
Allied Force created by Steve Sierer and Jeff Ratliff.