Tuesday, November 18, 2003

ei got this feed back and long reply too.....

"so far only three persons, if i'm not mistaken answered his call. good or bad? i will say bad, it even sucks. there are almost a hundred artist, maybe more on that list alone and only three answered? why? maybe they are busy with work or maybe they just don't give a damn. "
>>> Ner, one thing that I've realized when soliciting for contributions to projects is to get in touch with

these artists directly because it gets more results. Throwing out a call for submissions in a general way like on a mailing list just won't cut it. That's why I got people like Whilce, Leinil, Roy Allan, Arnold Arre etc to contribute pinups to one of my projects. I had to go and ask them personally, and then follow up continously. It's not because they didn't care enough to volunteer their efforts, but it's because they are engrossed doing their own projects and may not have time to read emails with genearal requests for artwork.

i know what you mean, because i already approached some people to do art for sanduguan. some were more than happy to oblige (sp?) and others will say if time permits. i'm cool with that and i respect a lot of artist for that. that's why the gallery page of sanduguan is almost like a filipino artist gallery. and of course i'm just waiting for you to clear your sked on superman before i ask you for one pin-up also. he he he. i already ask philip tan also way back when he was still doing mutant earth, and i understand that with his schedule on x-men, i will have a loooooooong wait.

>>> I realized that reading posts on a mailing list is just one of the hundred things any particular individual will do on any given day. A general call for submissions is something that can easily get lost in all of that because it's impersonal, it's not really directed at them personally, and so it's easy to set aside. i know it just gets depressing sometimes, i still remember when we did that pinoy super-heroes jam. that was soo cool that i managed to do 3 heroes. but with stuff like this it's just get deppressing. considering i ask only once for pin-ups on others and i got some answers. others who were not able to draw one for me still remembers, they even say " uy,me utang pala akong pin-up sayo no?" and i just say no problem take your time, i know your busy. just do it when your free. and i feel exhilerated/happy/flattered that these guys remember.most of the people i approached already are professionals, doing mainstream stuff and indies in the US.

>>> It's not really about people NOT caring, but it's a matter of spinning your request in a way that will make people care about it. And because you may not have gotten the response that you would have wanted you now react with frustration and anger at those self same people...how will that make people care about your project more?

yeah i guess, maybe i'm expecting too much from these people. it's not that i'm reacting with frustration. i already expected what will happen. it already happened to another artist who made the first request in a mailing list. and i did the same thing, i just wanted to confirm my theory. maybe these people are busy, i understand that. because i myself have an 8 to 5 job, have a family, i'm doing more than 3 books not knowing if they're going to be published, but hey that's what artist do, right?

but the thing that really bothers me so much is, that if a lot of artist are so vocal about the reviving or revolutionizing the industry maybe we should start with each other, start from the ground up. i'm not talking about sales and buying stuff from others, because that is still a choice of buying what you like. more of the supporting small stuff, like giving advices and otherstuff.actuallyi have no problem with this, this board and the alamat list already does the job. so does the saturday group at megamall, where you can get your art critiqued and whatever you need hands on.

remember the pinoykomiks website i told you way back. that's was supposed to be my contribution for the industry, only a few supported it. and a lot of people did commend the site and really like it, but the thing is i can't do it alone. sad to say it died a quick death. then i see these ideas, why not make a website that will have a list of filipino artist or a gallery of the golden agers. sorry been there, done that and it went kaput. why not a website that have tutorials and others stuff that will help others? same answer, it
was done already. or maybe a ............... i think you know now why i'm so frustrated with this people who are so vocal, but doing nothing. as i understand you also have your frustations regarding the industry. so do al ot of us, but the thing is only a handful of us actually do/did something.

now small group of artsist also have a new plan and their plan is already set in motion. i was invited to participate, i gave them my ideas and being so busy and all i also said yes!even though the task seems impossible. i was also told about the planned komiks museum and was asked if i will help, i also said yes. what does that make me, am i a frustrated artist? no i don't think so, i am already happy being able to release my books from time to time and once again if one person buy my title, i am already happy. i am not after money, just like what others say, i'm doing it for the love of the medium, nothing more.

i'm trying to look for more ideas on what we can do for the industry, nope i'm not doing this alone but with other artists who share the same goal.no one sane can this. but if a simple call cannot be answered,what more of other stuff that will need hands getting dirty? maybe we should do another call for the pinoy super hero jam stuff, and see where it goes. if people are really interested in uplifting/saving the industry.

yun lang. whew!

Just something i've been itching to write and voice out, you be the judge

Supporting the Filipino Comic Book Artist

Man what a way to steamroll the day, but here goes. save your flames for later. (sorry for the sp)
ok, here goes nothing....

Last week had a lunch with a fellow comic book artist, and our discussion went into comic books. but the most thing that hit with on the conversation was about supporting fellow artist. it was a given that a lot of komikeros as we call them now are so outspoken in trying to uplift the already so dead industry here. but what does really? i have thoughts/ideas/opinions. some you may agree with, some you may curse me with for speaking out.

ok let's get the ball rolling...

it's a known fact that a lot of komiks are being made now, published and photocopied. and there are lots of them, myself included. i had my share in "handicrap" comix (1997-98), 6 issues andreleased "legend of the zodiac" last december. sales was ok got a review or two. will also release something on december and if i get lucky something for the summer too. and i am soo happy a lot of other indies, as we call them now are slated for next year, and who knows what are the surprises that we will see on the coming con.

but the thing is, what can we do to help them? buy their books? that's a given. others buy almost everything that comes out while others buys what they like. does it stop there? i don't think so. what else can we do? anyone? ummm, somehow i'm running out of ideas this early, don't even know if a had good ones, hehehe.

a few months ago, i saw a post in alamat mailing list requesting fellow artist to help him with the 1st year anniversary of his title. and it's a good one too. reply's were positive, but the thing that made me think was that, so far only three persons, if i'm not mistaken answered his call. good or bad? i will say bad, it even sucks. there are almost a hundred artist, maybe more on that list alone and only three answered? why? maybe they are busy with work or maybe they just don't give a damn.

ok that was it then. then i made a similar post to test the waters again so to speak. announcing the 4th year celebration of sandugo online. asking for the same thing, skethces/drawings to commemorate the anniv. but as luck would have it, only one replied. what the heck! why? are my creations so bad/despised that only one eveb dared considered to draw them (thank you very much joel). i don't think so when i have art from other artist, some famous already like wilson, and lan and other indie artist like ryan orosco, manny abeleda, fritz
casas and dennis crisostomo. and the details they gave the drawing can be seen, these are not just sketches, they are full drawings. they spent their time on it. i have other known known artists who already gave their commitments and i'm am very much flattered they said yes, though only when their free. but still, just to be considered is enough for me.

so what does this tell me? are we only so outspoken and lacking in actions? please tell me, i really need to know this. why? answer: there's already a plan to established artist organization, that will be dedicated in the uplifting of the industry and support the komiks artist or maybe gather them in one umbrella just like what alamat did wayyyyy back then. but this one was to have committee members from various studios and officers. the target was also to have an award giving body much like famas. i said cool. but before things got off the ground and some debate on the matter, the decision was change on how the structure will be. why?

answer: it will be very hard to gather all artist in one umbrella because they will all banged their heads to each other, much like what happened with alamat. too many differences ans so many wants to be bida or the star of the show. so it was decided that the org will start small, and work it's way out. and if things goes the way as envisioned, then the invitation to other studios and artist will follow until the time new officers and committess will be selected by election. is the idea good or bad, you be the judge.

i know others have their gripes too, so voice them out. i think it's time already voice out our opinions and really see what we can do, and actually do something about it.

ok flames lock and loaded, shoot!

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

100 friggin questions

not able to write anything so here goes, he he he....

1. FULL NAME: Gener Pedrina Y Avila
2. NICKNames: Ner n Boy
3. HEIGHT: 5 '6"
4. WEIGHT: 145 lbs...
5. HAIR: black with some greys n whites, sign of wisdom hehehe
6. SIBLINGS: 3 sis and 2 bros
7. DO YOU LIKE TO SING IN THE SHOWER?: sometimes.......
8. DO YOU LIKE TO SING IN THE TOILET?: i prefer reading
9. BIRTHDATE: January 1...
10. STAR SIGN: Capricorn...i have horns i'm eeevil i say.
11. ADDRESS: ........somewhere malate
12. SEX: definitely not female
13. RIGHTY OR LEFTY: righteous
14. WHAT DO YOU WANT IN A RELATIONSHIP?: bed talks, wheeeeee
15. HAVE YOU EVER CHEATED?: heehee...of course, definitely, evil me!
16. DO YOU SMOKE?: i did way back, can still smoke
17. HAVE YOU EVER BEEN DRUNK?: yup, even created mess, really evil


18. MOVIE: fine, i have vcd and dvd players
19. SONGS: i like the 70s and 80s
20. MODEL OF CAR: K.I.T.T. or the flying car in M.A.S.K.
21. BAND/SINGER: no faves, likes a lot of them
22. TV SHOWS: a lot, misses a lot of classics
23. ACTOR: me playing me
24. ACTRESS: i really liked Somewhere with Christopher Reeve and that gorgeous lady there, she's old now and is in Smallville
25. FOOD: a lot
26. NUMBERS: 7,8,18 anything with 8 for luck
27. CARTOON: a lot, i dig manga very much
29. BOOK: will comic books do?

*******LOVE LIFE ETC*******

30. DO YOU HAVE A GF?: i wish, he he he
31. HAVE YOU EVER ARGUED WITH YOUR BF?: ....once in a while, things happen
32. DO YOU HAVE A CRUSH?: i have lots of crushes
34. DO YOU WANT TO GET MARRIED SOMEDAY: been there, done that........
37. HOW OLD DO U WANT TO BE WHEN U GET MARRIED?: late 20's around 27, hehehe


38. MUSIC/TV: TV of course
39. GUYS/GIRLS: .............girls for orgies, bwa ha ha ha
40. GREEN/BLUE: blue
41. PINK/PURPLE: pink for women's undie.......
42. SUMMER/WINTER: summer of course, lots of mermaids on the beach, hehehe
44. HANGIN OUT/CHILLIN: hangin out in the mall
45. DOPEY/FUNNY: funny

*******ALL ABOUT YOU******

46. WEIRD SAYING YOU HAVE: punyetang marinat!!!
47. WHAT SCHOOL DO YOU GO TO?: used to go to the Foundation of Angels located in the City of Angels
48. HAVE YOU EVER TAKEN DRUGS?: of course, there's peniccilin, antibiotics and other stuff.
49. WHAT'S A MAJOR TURN-ON FOR YOU?: a woman seducing me while i'm working or better yet, having sex while sleeping
50. HOW FAR WOULD YOU GO ON A FIRST DATE?: as far as she's willing to go.......
51. EVER BEEN HOSPITALIZED?: confined? nope not yet
52. WHICH 5 PEOPLE ARE YOU OPEN WITH AND TRUST THE MOST: myself, myself, myself, my other and a few friends
53. WHAT DO YOU THINK OF SOUL MATES?: .........lost
54. IS IT RIGHT TO FLIRT IF YOU HAVE A GF/BF?: well....for me,yes of course, it's not like you want to have sex with that person
55. WHAT WAS THE LAST THING YOU CRIED OR GOT TEARY ABOUT?: ...........when supergirl died in crisis
56. WHAT'S SOMETHING ABOUT GUYS/GIRLS YOU JUST HATE: intrusive, people who don't stop when you ask them already
57. ARE YOU HAPPY?: ...content? maybe, happy, on some stuff yes!
58. WHY?: well...because we can't really have all the things we want and there are alot of them that you will never get, that's reality
59. WHAT'S AN OBJECT YOU CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT: i really don't know, u won't really know unless u lose it
60. LOVE OR LUST?: can i have both? wink wink
61. SILVER OR GOLD: gold, so i csn buy everything i want
62. DIAMOND OR PEARL?: definitely diamonds, more expensive
63. SUNSET OR SUNRISE?: sunrise, new day new hope, new things to do and old things to shit about
64. HAVE YOU EVER GONE SKINNY-DIPPING?: um...yup, it was fun... he he he
65. DO YOU SLEEP WITH STUFFED ANIMALS?: nope, pillow will do, but definitely with my other
66. DO YOU HAVE ANY PIERCINGS?: nope, i like to do the piercing myself
67. WHAT COLOR UNDIES ARE YOU WEARING RIGHT NOW?: i really not into the color of what i'm wearing now, but it symbolizes earth
70. WHERE WOULD YOU WANT TO GO ON YOUR HONEYMOON?: on an isolated isalnd, where we can be nekkid anytime
72. WHAT'S THE FIRST THING YOU NOTICE ABOUT THE OPPOSITE SEX?: breast, esp jiggly ones, hehehe or maybe a round butt that clues on a thong
73. FAVORITE SPORT?: sex definitely
74. WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY?: being able to do and finish something, getting what i like or love
75. WHAT'S THE NEXT CD YOU GONNA GET?: the next big hit? i'm more into movies
76. DO YOU WEAR CONTACTS OR GLASSES?: none, still 20/20 at my age
77. WHAT'S THE BEST ADVICE GIVEN TO YOU: when you do something, go for it, fight for it
79. WHAT ARE YOUR FUTURE GOALS?: have a comic book published, be done with the book about my reenvisioning of phil myth and a storybook. be successful with my family, able to buy what we need, nothing extravagant
80. Have YOU EVER BEEN KISSED?: yes yes....in a lot of places
81. DO YOU LIKE FUNNY OR SCARY MOVIES BETTER?: funny, not the corny stuff though
82. ON THE PHONE OR IN PERSON?: in person
83. HUGS OR KISSES?:for me they come together
84. SONG SEEMS TO REFLECT YOU THE MOST?: the ballad of ner
85. IF YOU DIED TOMORROW WHO WOULD YOU LEAVE EVERYTHING TO?: i don't have much, but of course to my family
86. WHAT MAKES YOU ANGRY? a lot of things
87. WHAT IS YOUR GREATEST FEAR?: if i am to die, i want to die figthing like a warrior
88. WOULD YOU RATHER BE RICH OR FAMOUS?: ahem.......RRRRRRRRRRich then i can be famous
89. WHAT TIME IS IT IN ALBANIA NOW?: don't know and don't care
90. IF YOU HAD 24 HOURS LEFT TO LIVE, WHOM WOULD YOU SPEND IT WITH: do you even have to ask?
91. HAVE YOU MET SANTA?: nope, never will, if someone gives me a million dollars, then......
93. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU TALKED TO THE PERSON YOU LIKED?: last night while i was embracing her
94. DO YOU HAVE ANY PETS?: cockroaches, mosquitos and rats in the house, coupled with all the normal germs that you get everyday
95. WHATS YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS?: just go to clik.to/sanduguan
96. LAST TIME YOU WERE DEPRESSED?: a few hours ago, work related
97. ARE YOU AN ALCOHOLIC?: nope, i drink occasionally, i don't smoke either
98. WHO SENT THIS TO YOU?: lady camy
99. WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THAT PERSON: she's really gorgeous!!!
100. DO YOU WANT YOUR FRIENDS TO WRITE BACK?: i guess, but i'm online most of the time, so there's really no need, then there's my cell and my phone at home.