Wednesday, June 30, 2004

ok, time to unload, still have time to play around.

been living alone in the house in malate for a month now.


well wifey, just got fed up with the situation where we live just decided to stay in the province. which a lot of people find weird, cause she is staying with my folks in pampanga while i'm staying in the compound of her folks. it should be the other way around a lot of people says.

well i really can't blame her since she stayed there when she was pregnant with our first baby, ren. life was so simple there, she really doesn't too much except personal stuff. my mother most of the time cooks, cause she really loves cooking, and yeah you can include cleaning the house too. i guess elder people are pretty content with doing this stuff. wifey decided to stay there, because she can't stomach her relatives on his father side acting as if they own the place where we live, as if they want to overthrow her and her siblings on the place so they could claim it as their own. then we have that shithead drug addict of a parent as a neighbor who beat his children when being fed by others other than him. i'm really trying to urge the fight to report him, coz, even the grandfather doesn't care. well to put it in concrete terms, whenever there is something wrong or something happens in the place, nobody takes action. even when my wife asks his father to do something about it. but he just shrugs them off overtime, saying bahala sila, or pabayaan mo sila. there are time he even takes side with them even when they are in the wrong. and then her being 4 months pregnant on our second child strengthened her decision more. so now my kid is enrolled there too, and was also elevated to grade 1 because he is far advance in learning than the kinder class.

so what am i to do?!

now i live alone 5-6 times a week, because of this situation, hardly seeing them each day. but i also worry about leaving the house for long for that shit head of a father likes to take stuff and sell them to buy drugs. he even have illegally connected electricity. but everyone is afraid of doing anything. this shit head likes to sharpen his knife near the street cursing and threatening everyone who acts against him. he even said he'll burn the place. oh man, if the justice system here in our country was ok, i would have put this bastard in his place. sadly that can't happen, he was already reported in the bgy but nothing happened. what am i supposed to do?

take everything with a grain of salt? yeah! i guess so, because if i end up doing anything and things get out of hand, i'm at the losing end. how can you win against someone who doesn't value anything and have nothing to lose?

life sucks, and then you died. i just hope he goes first before he can do any real damage.

yun lang.
wow, took really a long time for me to post here. was i too busy or just damn lazy to post or maybe i have nothing much to post. you take your pick.

this week seems a bore to me, not much work to do. can't blame myself for that, cause work is being deliver to me by producers. and this week is really getting to. today i finished work for just a couple of hours and that's it, i'm done already.

on the other side, i been spending my tuesday and thursday nite tutoring another artist on the world of web design. need money so bad, that i can't turn it down. it now it looks positive cause i might end up tutoring her friend too. lucky me.

on the comic book side i'm still doing my pages, inking what's left of what i pencilled months ago and in a few weeks i'll be filling up the missing pages on sanduguan:all out war. hope i can finish it soon.

and for fun...