Tuesday, January 20, 2004

attended the sci-fi con on saturday, and it was really cool, met some friendly faces, some i haven't seen in quite awhile. met the group there. there was leo, lolo, horace, dennis and his partner maxi. saw blitworkx guys and asong makulit guys. the costume were cool, sauron was really tall, he was a six foot guy in cardboard armor, but too bad he was defeated by that anito girl maya, who makes you wonder if she was wearing anyhting under her costume. she will make your blood boil and your hormones jump up and down. lots of cool cos players there. saw gary, and my kumareng karen, the komikeros from laguna were there, and bought a complete set of crest hut butt shop by gerry, chatted awhile. saw budget and dave. carl with his darling book zsazsa was sketching and also bought the compilation. been aching to get to have my wife, myra read it. as it was, she was laughing when i read some of it. to br continued.........

ok here it................

next stop was the Lord of the Rings booth, damn lots of cool toys there. but mostly for displays like most toys now. why would i buy a toy and just display it? i buy toys so i can play with them, bash them for all their worth if need be. i just can't see my self buying and end up in display. same with comic books, i buy them to read them. then off to the box where i can get them when i feel like reading them again.

then i was off to the aegis booth, saw alex there. chatted for awhile with him about our next big project. too bad he was in a rush and had to leave early so our conversation was continued the next day. also saw tobie, mr diliman himself. was also busy going around. so much to see.

then me and the guys were off to dinner, we decided on tokyo tokyo. so there was me, leo, lico, horace, dennis and maxi. aries has to import jollibee foods. don't know why, maybe he don't like japanese. after dinner we went to the bookstore and cheked out all the trades they have, found some interesting titles but too heavy on the budget, so i was content only at l;ooking at the covers. then we went back to the con and we were going around again. soon we decided to call it a night and horace decided to stay for a bit.

it was fun, cool and it's my second sci fi con. too bad i wasn't able to sell 'sandugo: revelation' and 'wan: tatlong kuwento tatlong buhay'. oh well, maybe next year.

the next day, i was back. didn't plan to but i needed a cd to burn some stuff thet i need for monday. so instead of going to robinsons ermita, i settled for rockwell again. damn cd's were expensive there, but i really need one. then i was back at the con for the second day. saw the same faces and lots of new cosplayers, mostly lord of the rings fan. having nothing much to do then, i joined tobie's vampire the masquarade game along with three ladies, though i admit one was really cute, hehehe. too bad for me. LOL!. so there we were figuring out our stats for our charcters and then the game went on. cool game, even have sound system for it. but too bad the con's programs was too loud, we can barely hear it. by 8:30 we were done, beacuse one of the girl needs to go. and so there, it's finshed, kaput.

after they they, we noticed that the judging of cosplay was just in our side, so we saw all the costumes. but i didn't wait for the winner anymore, cause i was a bit late. wifey, didn't know that i was in rockwell, hehehe.

and then the nite went on it's due course..........


been on vacation on this place, call it extended xmas vacation, or was way too busy with work or maybe i was

just plain too lazy. take your pick.

ok, where to start?

Return of the King?
watched it earlier, was treated on the advanced screening by horace with some fellow artist, like dennis,

aries, katch, kicks and some of horace friends and kins. movie was really cool, except for the wizard who

killed more enemies than aragorn with the use of his sword instead of his magic. what did he really do, not

much if you ask me. he was swinging his sword like crazy instead of firing fireballs and such, maybe he was

more of a knight than a mage, hehehe. weel that was my only gripe. it was also cool seeing the undead, it was

kind of like playing warcraft. might watch all episodes in one sitting when time provides.

xmas vacation.
went to the province with the family to spend xmas vaction on the 23, it was also my other half's bday. spent

the whole trip talking taking naps while little one is making kulit. got home, ate lunch and house was

reconstructed since the time i was home which was months and months ago. damn i miss our house. i can relax

far better there than in manila where i can't even stand straight where we live, ceiling height was designed

for 5 footers, i always bump my head and now my head has lots of nasty bumps and curves already. dreading

the day i go bald and everthing is exposed under the sun.

anyway, xmas celebration seems to be going down under everywhere. life is really getting hard now in this

fucked up country because of stupid politicians, businessmen who can't let go of the money they can grab from

people like us. the government greedy taxes in which there is no escape for an employee like me while big

businesses gets away from paying their duties. then you see the situation where the squatters are being given

houses bu they just sell it and squat again, repeating the circle. why can't the government just give the

houses to people like me who pays taxes, where working our butts off and what do we get, being in the middle

sucks, a lot of people in this country sucks big time, maybe it's better if they just suck each other, and

maybe just maybe this country will be better off.

ok enough ranting. to the mff

so xmas time, i was contacted by my partner in one of our projects. he texted and called on my phone several

times asking me to go to work to fix something. we'll what choice do i have, none really. so the next day, we

were on our way back to manila, and were home by lunch time. went to the office and reaad lots of emails and

boards. my partner didn't even come to work, damn. so there i fixed whatever needed fixing and went home.

the next time, my famile were off to watch captain barbell, i chose it over fantastic man which my kid really

wanted to watch. my decision was based as a respect to ate rita regarding the lastikman fiasco. the movie was

cool enough for kids but not for people like me who have more time to scrutinized stuff. the movie was

forgivable enough, with all the cheesiness in it, after all i'm not the target audience. kids was happy and

was really noisy. then we went home and just had dinner at the house, cause i am nearly broke.

the next day, i was back working on other stuff, flatting pages and it took me almost a week to finish the

pages, with all the details in it. money was good enough and i was forced to buy a cd writer because there is

no way for me to deliver the files without it.

then came the new year.
was fighting to really spend much but we were able to have a small feast on a limited budget, becuase of the

menu i chose. really super saver stuff. had to go to the supermarket to buy the stuff we needed. and by the

afternoon me and my wifey were busy preparing the food while little one was content on watching cable tv.

which he does always, everyday.

then the big banging came, really very noisy. a lot of the firecrackers being used in the neighborhood are

illegal, but that's always the situation here. i didn't buy explosives, was content on watching tv/ playing

in the pc. soon new year came, we didn't bother going out, just watched the celebration on tv. and same as xmas, the new year is soooo unlike the past new year, maybe a lot of people are suffering now than iin the past. blame those damn politicians, it's always their fault.

so a new year, new challenges, new hopes, new problems, same problems.