Thursday, May 24, 2007


fan art for Jon Zamar's "Minsan Sa Panaginip"

all the the filipino flag based heroes i found/saw:


Sagisag (Sanduguan)
Captain Adobo by Jordan FM,
Watawat by Dennis Redondo
Bandiwa (Sanduguan)
Kapitan by by John Edward Suguitan, reference
Kalayaan by Gio Paredes,
Alagad (Sanduguan)
Sagisag by Nico Zapanata,

-- A top secret military program created by United Nations during World War 2 intended to band a group of Extra Humans(super powered beings-like)
to assists the Allied Nations campaigns or operations.

Allied Force first appearance was in "Extraverse: Genesis
This is the comic done by my good friend John Becaro,

Allied Force is a trademark character of Modern Myth Press. please refrain from using it for any public or media purposes.. Thanks
Allied Force created by Steve Sierer and Jeff Ratliff.


Blogger Gio Paredes said...

Uy.. Na extra si Kalayaan.
Kakatuwa talaga pag may ibang nag do drawing ng mga characters ko.
Nakakataba ng puso.


3:24 PM  

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