Friday, February 04, 2005

me here again. and i'm feeling totally bored. managed to wrap up my deadlines for the week a day earlier so i'm almost free for the day with the usual minor revisions at hand.

personnal stuff stiill going slow becuase of the damn printer. it's broke, maybe clogged by the cheap ink i bought. what a bummer, being not able to print my stuff is a real downer.

about two months from now, my family will be moving back to manila with me, :-). hooray!!!. living alone also was quite a downer, having to go home alone, watch cable tv, be on the computer or just draw. but most of the time i just feel too tired, maybe because of the loneliness? seeing them on weekends was really good, but boy i still feel so miserable. and i'm really happy they're going back. the bad thing is, the reason they left are still there.

i guess i will also be able to do my saturday stuff, going to gamol to meet my friends, who are also artists. i miss them guys. only saw them a few times and only on psecial occasions.

glad things are returning the way they are, well not really, cause i have another baby boy too take care of.

that's all for now!!!!!



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