Wednesday, November 24, 2004


After a long hiatus, i'm back on my own little corner.

So what's new?

Well first thing first, there's a new member in our family of three which now becomes four. LOL!

My other half just gave birth to a bouncing baby boy! We named him Julian Paul, there's a bit of story in the name and i'm really glad we came up with this name after throwing out names like, Jean Paul, John Michael, Jonathan Paul, John Paul, etc. Many thanks to Max-C!!!!. Kumare!!! Family will be relocating back to Manila on school end and I'll be back on my favorite tambayan!

Back on the other side, comics wise. Sanduguan: All Out War is almost on the horizon. Still in the process of filling up missing pages but the whole plot is already resolved. Now comes the hard part. Dialogues, dialogues, dialogues. Damn i really suck at writing hope this one turns out ok.

Also managed to do some few lay-outs for Sanduguan: Sanction. I'm really liking the story my kumpareng Alex is weaving and i do wish we have the money to fund this project. this is big.

Regards with Sanduguan: Revelation, my friend Raxfrost has committed himself to finishing the few remaining pages, and will likely finish the issues before summer.

It's a good day to be back on the drawing table! and of course on this blog!

Be back soon!


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