Thursday, December 18, 2003

the last time a wrote on my blog something happened and it didn't post. it was along one and i have no desire to repeat so what the heck, i just gave up. it was really bad and it was alos my mistake that i didn't type it first in note pad.

ok for the juicy part,though this is a bit late:

the con day one:

attended the con last saturday because sanduguan: revelation was launching that day and was there by 11, i was a bit peved off because the indie booth was already full and i had to settle on a table and squezzed on a tight space to be able to fold the comics i brougth. christophe was a wayyy bit late, and he has the cover with him, becuase of the unscheduled downpour, which as far as reality goes in manila, causes traffic in humongous proportions. so i had to settle on saying to prospective buyers that i still don't have the cover and they had to comeback later. after that i just roamed around ang saw the beautiful sisters in their costumes and i was wowed!, i have my camera with me but was already too tired to go don and buy a film. so after a couple of hours chking out stuff, chris and his mom arrived and we proceeded to staple the comics so we can sell them. it really was hard to sell stuff that day, becuase there seems to be more than a hundred indies out there and the ccom contest was already on. so i had to peddle the book to people i know and glad i sold some copies. so there i was with chris going around seeling our stuff to anyone we know and my legs were already killing me from walking round and round. as this was going on.

i was in touch also with tobie then because we also have our "WAN" comics to sell and he has the remaining pages and the cover. we met at the comic quest booth and discussed about our comic, it wasn't finish yet so we decided just to sell it the next day. and in a while, carlo vergara of handed me a really gorgeous diwata drawing, me and chris were going oohh, aahh and wow, the drawing was so gorgeous. thank you very much carl. you're really great.

at the end of the day, i ended up with a high fever from tiredness and from forgetting to eat because of the excitement. so i had to bow out of the dinner maxiwas throwing. damn i really felt so sick and when i was climbing the looong stairs in the mrt stn, my vision was spinning making me stop at every interval. glad i made it on top without blacking out. then had to stop by jollibee to buy food, cause i was feeling very weak already. and i had to ride this damn jeepney with puke at the entrance, the damn driver didn't even bother to give rags so it can be wipe. so there i was trying my best to eat in a crowded jeepney with a puke aroma. i barely ate my dinner when i also felt the urge to hurl because of that smell and was thinkin why didn't i take another jeepney. it was an hour ride i suffered trying to control my urge and i can see the other passengers also with hankies on their noses. reached home, safely thank god for that and lay down on the long chair for a few minutes.then my other noticed that i was not feeling well and put her backhand on my neck and bam, there you go. a combination of worry and sermon at the same time, i then drank the medicine i bough at the drugstore in gamol in which i had to wait a long time because the sales persons kept ignoring me. kasi mukha akong walang pera e!.

then slept early.

the con day 2:

sunday, still feeling the effects of the saturday ordeal, i fixed the wan comics lay-out, finalize the cover lay-out and fixed the pages ast they will appear on the comics. was able to finish it as my other kept chking on my temp. she was still giving me the look. spent a few more ours resting while watching cable, while the little was making kulit. the life of a family man.

after lunch i prepared myself, even had to prepare warm water for bath because of my condition. as always the other's look was there, hehehe. so i proceeded to taft to have the remaining pages of wan photocopied but to my surprised, the one place which accepts comic pages was closed. so i had to peddle it on the other shops, but the quality was soooo lacking i had to forego it and txt tobie.

so took the always crowded, racist lrt and then the mrt. and as always chris was late, hehehe. so i went to the glass house area and chatted with the people there and even managed to score some pizza and a glass of soda, ha ha ha. it was really nice being there with all the known artist like, wilson tortosa, carlo pagulayan with sidekick dennis c, edwin david and their boss chief eugene. more artist were there, but i really don't know them. saw rain there and horace was there also and had to make kulit of him for the script for banana man.

when i returned to the indie booth, chris was already there and surprise surprise, he was hanging tarps of blue shuffle projects and sanduguan is on majority of them, WOW! talk about promotion. no wonder we ran out of copies and only three were left for giveaways. lucky me for having the greatest fan of we spent the day watching the program after i bought some really cheap back issues and it was a blast, man this manga fans, otakus are really into it, sad we don't have the same fans for filipino komiks. we had laughs, fun the rest of the day and talk about the following issues of sanduguan: revelation. finally had to say adieu (sp?) cause i was feeling my temp was on again.

reached home same way like sat, and when i got home my temperature was on the rise again, my other was really mad and i really can't say anyhting. monday morning, still feeling sooo weak i decided to stay home after contacting my officemate about our project, managed to ask for day on the deadline and there i was, still lying. in the afternoon after feeling a bit well. i decided to chk up my stack of comics and fix the order again. then open upe the pc and work on carl's diwata drawing, only managed to color it in flat, cause i was dizzy again. then decided to rest.

this is what you get for hardwork, it's fullfilling but also........ah never mind!


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