Wednesday, June 30, 2004

wow, took really a long time for me to post here. was i too busy or just damn lazy to post or maybe i have nothing much to post. you take your pick.

this week seems a bore to me, not much work to do. can't blame myself for that, cause work is being deliver to me by producers. and this week is really getting to. today i finished work for just a couple of hours and that's it, i'm done already.

on the other side, i been spending my tuesday and thursday nite tutoring another artist on the world of web design. need money so bad, that i can't turn it down. it now it looks positive cause i might end up tutoring her friend too. lucky me.

on the comic book side i'm still doing my pages, inking what's left of what i pencilled months ago and in a few weeks i'll be filling up the missing pages on sanduguan:all out war. hope i can finish it soon.

and for fun...



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