Monday, September 29, 2003

ahem, it's me again. afriad i don't have much to say for now, hehe. same old story.

it's monday and i was surprised that when i came in there were like only three of us in the office. 10 o'clock came by and i only noticed that there were only seven of us. i found out that most of the big heads and some people where in antipolo for a planning session. wow! cool, another free day for me, since i wrapped up my sched already last week, hehehe. by lunch time most us agreed to have lunch at tasty in banawe. damn i missed their pork chop rice so badly along with that melon juice. though it will hurt your pocket. my lunch coast me about 120. damn that was expensive, but sure worth it. now back in the office, still bored, reading message boards like superhero chat, dc board, newsarama and newspapers online like malaya and inquirer. eyes hurts, too much strain. anyway, tomorrow will be like this. hope i get to enjoy it too.

sat at gamol was also fun, usual group is there mainly, leo, aries, horacio and other familiar faces. blue shuffle gang are there and also dennis redondo's new group, which i'm also a part of. i'm task to write a martial theme comics for ten pages, hope i do good and have the chance to break out with a published artwork. but still too early to see anyhting so i'll just cross my fingers.

on sunday, i manage to finished one page for sanduguan (yawn! too slow) and i'm still a long way on finishing that series, still need a full issue. also managed to ink a few pages of sanduguan revelation by christophe and hope we can make the december release. too bad he can't find the issue 5 drawings. he migth redraw everything again and we're still 30 pages short. oh well. that's life. so much stuff to do and so little time and no money to boot. damn i wish i'm rich so that i can buy my own printing press anmd publish lots of comics.

wishful thinking.......

damn!!! where is my post for last friday?!

shit! shit shit!!!!



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