Wednesday, August 27, 2003

hi there my friend, been a long time now since i graced your pages. sorry, have been busy and really have no stuff to write about. this is the reason why i'm not so keen on having a blog of my own. anyways wrap up most of the rush job yesterday, but still have lots of stuff to do today. so on with the show.

last sat at gamol was same as th other sat, though wilson tortosa was not there, love talking to that guy, full of energy. anyway leo was not there again but most of the regulars where there. as always the time was spent going from table to table, chatting, looking at artworks and drooling at some of the fine ladies passing by. still fun to be there, but something is really missing. so far haven't seen any movies, already miss lxg and i don't know what i'll miss next. guess it's back to the old ways for me, wink wink.

so far am back at drawing some pages for sanduguan: all out war, this title has been in the can too long. though not as long as zodiac did. already on 3rd issue and still some missing pages for ish 1 & 2. must finish this on december, if not, i fear it will sleep on the side again, just like the first zodiac. finished coloring some commisioned artworks, the one done by lan medina and wilson tortosa. thanks guys and more power to you guys, glad the fame hasn't clouded your memories like some guys i know. now am working on a project with tobie, same concept as handicrap, three stories but we have more pages, one story is mine and the other will be his, art and story. and we'll be collaborating on the third story, tobie on most of the words and me on the pictures.

been spending some time with tobie's group, and i soo love being with this guys, they are fun to be with and not like the ones i know who are to saucy for me, or who acts high and mighty and that i don't belong in their circle. this people are part of the problem why this world of us sucks.

yun lang


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