Tuesday, July 29, 2003

ok here we go again. last sat was in gamol, wasn't able to go early cause little one is sick, so i was the one to look after him while my other is doing the laundry. spent most of the day coloring some stuff. by 4 i was off to gamol for my weekly dose. wilson was there and he told me he now have time to do the pin-ups of sanduguan he promised me. can u imagine wilson, a fan of sanduguan, yes!!!. anyway iv'e been trying to collect artworks from fellow artist who likes my creations. so far my gallery at http://clik.to/sanduguan is getting bigger now. even saw the tarp i had ordered, it was really cool, everyone liked it. the only problem i had was the printing quality, banding can be seen all over so had to reject it, and my frined was giving me the eye, hehe, sorry!.

by 7 we went to the food court but i did not eat cause i was still full because of the pizzas ate mayet brougth. it her treat for us for lan's winning in the eisner award. i was told he won 2, hurray, another filipino making it big in the us. after awhile i went to quest to buy teen titans but it was sold out, same with filbars. damn didnt expect that. now i have no number 1. does anyone out there have an extra, will pay you cover price.

then we were off to watch boobs raider, the cradle of life (with stress on pronounciation, hehe) together with her twin towers. movie was ok, better than the first though there were loop holes. and my what does aj rub on her twin towers that made her tips stand out even when wearing a wet suit. hehe, guess that made the fountain of life watching the movie stand up also in their glory. bwa hahahaha. i wonder whose going to win in quest if we have lara croft, indiana jones, forgot the character name in the mummy, jacky chan's in armour of god.

so finishing the movie, and off to o home, we were informed by one of us that there is a coup, and that there was a prayer vigil in edsa. i blurted not again. so the group can't decide yet if we were to go home, bu while this is happening gilbert and glenda were already off. much talk ensued then it was decided that we will go home because there were still vehicles in edsa. so leo and aries were off, while the rest of us went to podium. dennis joined a friend and were off, while fe and brother took the route to shaw avoiding edsa, while me and francis jumped in with kix and her sister.

that was a fun day/nite. opened the tv at home but slept around 1 cause nothing much is happening about the rumored coup. the next day that was it. some junior officers took over oakwood and the rest is for the history books, though i admire what they did, it is still and nothing will happen even if they were to die out there. they will be just another drops of blood in the puddle because of some evil politicians.

still remember the these words form a film i watched though i can't remember the title anymore. an old farmer was being interviewed about the just concluded revolution in their country. he just replied, nothing is the same . the government takes my chickens as taxes, the rebels also take my chickens as help for the revolution. now that they are in power, they will still take my chickens, while we go hungry and stay poor for the rest of our miserable life.

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