Wednesday, August 06, 2003

hello there, me again! haven't been able to write cause i was way to busy, manage to finish a little early now so here i go again.

last saturday me and my wifey watched darna the ballet together with gilbert and glenda+siblings?. came a bit early and had to wait for gilbert cause he had our free tickets courtesy of ccp. it was my first time to enter the tanhalang nicanor abelardo and it was cozy enough except for the chairs which seems to be itchy. as usual filipino time the ballet started a bit late, two former darna directors where there ( gosiengfia and another. sp?) and even the king of comedy dolphy (darna kuno). the show was not pure ballet, it was way different, it was a ballet musical. the early parts made me a bit sleepy and then we saw darna, my my she is buff. this girl could actually pass as an amazon. the story of this darna is too different from the comic books same with the movies.

then we had a 15 min break and we went and visit the exhibit at the 3rd floor. nothing much changed, still the old stuff i saw in the launch.

a good thing we enjoyed tex ordonez role as valentina, she was funny, witty and she has a good voice, also liked the narrator voicing most of the characters, they even had frames to give it a comic book feel. it's a good thing they mixed it with comedy for it would have been hard to have turned it into a serious one. as we have been told we wathced the better performances compared to the other set of artist which included chin chin gutierrez. i guess it understandable cause i really can't see chin chin doing comedy.

so we went home passing by jollibee to buy our little ones favorite food. reaching jhome little one is crying because he was not permitted to mix his own milk by his aunt, but he was happy when he saw the chicken joy we had. we ate late dinner and after a while we went to dreamland.

yun lang


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