Thursday, July 17, 2003

ok,wednesday i needed to unwind and was to meet a friend of mine in shang. so had plato wraps for meriende and my friends mother wanted to tried it too, so she bought some. my friend was busy coloring some designs he had for a client whila i was chatting with him and his mom while eating. then when most of the food was done, a security guard went by us and notice my friends. he approached him and told him that what he was doing was prohibited, we were shocked. but friend quickly replied that why is it so, and even said were still eating/ drinlking soda. were not yet finish. the guard told us that it is malls policy. my friend said ok since were not finish eating hell continue what he was doing. so the gurad left. we thought everything ok, he walk past a couple of tables and we had conversations that what happened really sucks, the nerve of that guard. then i notice him callin what they call a swat person, fully dress in a military like uniformand they talked while looking at our direction even pointing at us. then i alerted my friend. and that was it. oue head are now on fire, we want to make away to the guard, and even ask him to call his superiors, but unfortunately we were supposed to meet tita at starbucks so layas na. at the starbucks we mentioned that we won't be experiencing the same thing cause technically there are no more mall guards there. and the mentioned tita came. she invited us for lunch and treated us with mexican. so we proceeded to her ofrfice and showed us her stuff/merchandise for exports. we were wowed at what we saw. then we sat down and talked a bout alot of stuff.

then it was time to go. i was off to the darna exhibit at ccp and meet my family there. my friend decided to come with me and see the exhibit. so off to the mrt then lrt.
was off to the ccp. arrived early there but friend had problem, forgot one of their bags so had to come bakc to the terminal to look for it. proceeded to the 3rd floor to the exhibit and saw a huge darna poster with tagalog words. and up to the exhibit saw some stuff there, actually stuff that i have already seen and had been shown in the darna website i used to maintain last year. sad to say i was quite disappointed, this exhibit has nothing on the previous coching exhibit we attended a long time ago. met ryan there with a cute girl (again) even showed me his new design for a captain barbell for ate rita ravelo.

the after loitering around the area for a while, sat on the stairs and texted my better half. upon theier arrival, she ask me to meet them at the entrance, so off i go. saw them entering the lobby along with the ravelo's. better half said that our cameras was deposited at the guards i said what the fuck?! rushing in my figthing mode i proceeded on the guards and ate ritas pamangkin came along, saying thier camera was deposited too. pissed off i ask my wife who was the guard and took the calim stub. face to face with the guard, a lady along with her sidekick. i ask them why did they confiscate our cameras. she told me it was protocol daw. really pissed off remembering our situation at shang-rila i blurted out, what is this, i'm part of the group for the darna exhibit and why is my camera prohibited, how am i supposed to take pictures of the affiar if we dont have cameras, the lady guard was rattled and ask the other guard about the situation. they didn't know that we were a part of the organizers. then she looked at the notes and ask my wife if she told them they are to go to the darna exhibit. she said yes. looking back at the guard, she told me that only members of the organizers are allowed to bring cameras, i told her we are part of the organizers, and these people are the ravelos. she then gave me the camera, and ate rita's niece got hers too. so off to the exhibit we go.

upstairs when people started coming, i keep hearing about what i said a bout the exhibit, too little to show, and asking is this an exhibit? after awhile people came in flocks, even saw mike, also a friend and main contributor to the darna site. this guy has to be darna's greatest collector. then off to the inauguration despite no ribbon to be cut. then couple of speeches and the off to the food. hehe, i was smiling people dash in in to the fooad area, with lines on bothe edge creating traffic in the middle. who could be sooo stupid to place plates on both sides of the table?! i guess, onli in the philippines,.

then it's conversations time, talked with gino, ate rita's son on his opinion about the exhibit, sad to say their not good, same with most of the family, they were expecting more. same with mike when i got hold of him, he even showed us a blow-up of the pic of rosa del rosario as darna with narda. and we were surprised that the girl who originally played darna was in the exhibit. narda is now a lola, hehe. we were also looking for the darna and valentina models but they were not there. heard more stuff about the exhibit and then took some pictures with ate rita and mike with his BIR gang, hehehe. then a picture with lola narda. even got a darna trivia when mike showed lola narda his bato and ask lola narda to shout darna. laughter exploded in the are. i said cool now we have a super lola (tm). after a while my little one got tired of roaming around and ask to go home. so in a while we said our goodbyes and proceeded to have our dinner at jollibee. at home now i watched charmed and seeing alyssa with the mermaid suit made my hormones active agin, hehehe she looks so delicious with that mermaid tail and only scales covering her assets, kind of like my pisces character but more yummy.

and thats was a rest day turned sour by guards, and all i can said is fuck you shang-rila for that stupid system you implemented, it's a good thing i always go to megamall and not your elitist/communist mall ( my friends mom's reaction).your guards didn't even bother the people who were not eating but doing some other stuff. shit to the guards in ccp, how are you supposed to take pictures of the exhibit of somehing you have been a part of. i have sweated blood and sweat for darna and this is what i get from you.

if this guard thing happens again, i'm going to spearhead a web campaign against your fucked up elitis/ prejudice system.

whew, that was long, for someone who really is not keen on writing. but anyways here's to better days.


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